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Conklyn's Florist

Alexandria's Premier Florist Since 1938

Going to a cook-out this weekend?  Flowers make an excellent hostess or host gift!… Read More about »
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Succulent Gifts

You can instantly see the difference when a barren yard and one that is cared for and loved… There’s a sense of serenity, and a positive emotional welcome. Succulents were used plenteously around this home, and the effect is amazing. Read More about Succulent Gifts »
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Flowers on Furlough!

Announcing! Flowers on Furlough! Conklyn’s is bringing 500 stems to Capitol South Metro Station tomorrow morning at 9am until… the furloughed flowers disappear. Flowers on Furlough is a Conklyn’s Florist Social Media Meetup: Conklyn’s Creates smiles in the shutdown and the… Read More about Flowers on Furlough! »
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What is Vitamin F?

Vitamin F is the term for the effect that flowers have on people!     Get it? Flowers! Flowers feed compassion, chase away anxieties and worries and provide a boost of energy. A study at Rutgers University proves that flowers create instant… Read More about What is Vitamin F? »
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