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Floralympics! Sochi’s Symbolic Bouquets

Olympic medal winner smells sweet victory!

It’s not every day a flower bouquet smells so sweet. In Sochi, the traditional olympic bouquets contain a rich symbolism worth knowing!

The bouquets of the Ceremonies symbolize the colors of the resort city of Sochi. The yellow color of the stiff-leaved goldenrod has not only decorative beauty, but also healing properties that symbolize the wealth of the Krasnodar Region. Green and white chrysanthemums represent the contrast of valleys, meadows and mountains stretching along the Black Sea coast. Laurel, the symbol of the winners, conveys the warmth and hospitality of the peoples of the Caucasus. The eucalyptus included in these bouquets has historical significance. It was planted in Sochi in order to drain wetlands.
Our designers are happy to put together a bouquet in honor of the ceremonies, and especially for family and friends of Olympians who will be coming home.
We specialize in special orders! 
Perhaps you’re looking for an arm bouquet or a hand-tied bouquet for a pickup while on the way to the airport, or you’d like these symbolic flowers in a vase with that special Conklyn’s touch. Ask for a design that incorporates solidago (equivalent for goldenrod), green and white pom mum buttons or pom mum daisies, and eucalyptus.

We also LOVE LOVE LOVE this opening ceremony display!
Definitely a fun bouquet that our designers would love to create.
Call 703-209-9000 Today and ask for an Olympic style hand-tied bouquet with ti leaves, a yellow spider mum, baby’s breath, and purple statice.

Cultural Costumes and lovely bouquets in the colors of the Sochi theme