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The Favorite Flowers of Significant Women

Flowers are delightful, unique, and have an extraordinary quality of elevating our spirits. Many remarkable women in the past and today have the same effect on us. Since it’s Women’s History Month, Alexandria’s flower experts at Conklyn’s are spotlighting exceptional women and their favorite flower.

Lily of the Valley

Audrey Hepburn – Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley was Audrey Hepburn’s favorite flower. A delicate yet regal flower, the pure white petals form a bell-shaped flower. Symbolizing happiness, sweetness, hope, and purity, the Lily of the Valley has the same traits as this iconic actress. A humanitarian, fashion icon, and leading lady, Audrey Hepburn is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses.

White Peony

Jackie Kennedy Onassis – White Peony and Blue Cornflower

Fashion icon as well as First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, enjoyed blue cornflowers and white peonies. Jackie took on the project of renovating and making grand again the White House grounds after many years of neglect. The blue cornflower was used to add a majestic pop of color. Symbolizing prosperity, unity, devotion, and hope, the blue cornflower symbolizes the objectives which were important at that time. The white peony, Jackie’s other favorite flower, is a gorgeous bloom that symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and purity.


Katy Perry – White and Purple Hydrangeas

Katy Perry likes to fill her dressing room with white and purple hydrangeas. The hydrangea flower has various meanings across cultures, like understanding and apology in Japan and arrogance and boastfulness in Europe. Regardless of their meaning, the hydrangea is a popular shrub that produces lush, colorful flowers in an assortment of colors. Katy’s favorite hydrangea colors of white and purple represent purity, peace, grace, royalty, and understanding.

Mokara Orchid

Angelina Jolie – Orchid

Angelina Jolie is known for her grace and exotic beauty, so it makes sense that her favorite flower is the fascinating and graceful orchid. A distinctive flowering plant with three petals, orchids come in almost every color under the sun (except for black). Their petal shapes vary depending on the species they are still coveted by collectors today. The orchid represents strength, mystery, and refined luxury – traits Angelina also embodies.

White Roses

Lady Gaga – White Roses

Lady Gaga’s favorite flower is the pristine and delicate white rose. Symbolizing purity, new beginnings, and focus, it has long been a popular flower in wedding ceremonies. An arrangement of white roses in your home symbolizes peaceful energy throughout. The white rose is also linked to the Greek God Adonis, who is responsible for rebirth and renewal, something an artist like Lady Gaga must do all the time.