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May is the month & the month is May

Mothers’ Day is in May, but everybody knows that! For more fun facts about Mother’s Day, check out our blog with all of our favorite facts about the day.

Here is some May trivia that you may or May not know:

The birth flower for May is the Lily of the Valley. meaning: sweetness & humility.
Due to the fact that Lily of the Valley is a wildflower and is highly poisonous, it is not usually found in a flower shop. We do however feature decorator friendly lilies, both in bulb plants and numerous varieties in cut-flower form.

May 1st is Lei Day in Hawaii. If you can’t get to Hawaii this year, call us! We’ll create a lei that will make you feel like you are enjoying life on an island. Umbrella drinks and sunscreen you will have to provide yourself! Warning – real Hawaiian leis will cost upwards of $300 in the other 49 states. We don’t have access to abundant and cheap orchids. Designs with other flowers are much more reasonable and who says you have to have an orchid lei to celebrate Lei Day anyway?

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo

You don’t have to go to Mexico to have fun on May 5th! People everywhere use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to party. As we too love a party, we’ve created the ¡Festival! Bouquet! to help make your celebration festive. Again the adult beverages and funny hats are on you.

May 10th is Mothers’ Day in many countries including the US of A. Most floral orders are actually delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before Mothers Day Sunday however.

Moms are not like “Valentines” that only get a single day of attention. Mother’s Week is now pretty much the norm.

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Memorial Day is the last Monday in May! We’ll have more about that in a future post.

Conklyn’s Florist is however only a stones’ throw from Arlington Cemetery.

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