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Conklyn's Florist

Posted by conklyns on July 7, 2015 Uncategorized

Summer Flowers for Your Backyard

Tired of boring backyard patios? If you have big trees in your backyard, here is a unique idea to transform an outdoor space to a fantasy hanging garden.

backyard flowersSituate furniture under a sprawling tree, like an old oak. The foliage provides a natural overhead shade, keeping your gathering cool and creating a beautiful al fresco backdrop. Utilize a traditional table and chairs, or try swinging hammock chairs for an informal gathering. The tree itself can also provide the mechanism for hanging all kinds of decorations. For lighting, you can hang lanterns or strings of lights; for an ultra glamorous touch, find a vintage chandelier and suspend via a pulley over a branch.

Come into Conklyn’summer flowerss to pick up beautiful summer flowers that can be used in hanging baskets, which can be suspended from the tree. Fishing wire draped over the branches can be utilized to create a “hanging in mid-air “ effect. If the branches are not low enough to hang the floral arrangements, consider using shepherd’s hooks scattered around the area for pockets of color against the green grass and leaves of the tree.

To really impress your guests, coordinate the flowers with your tableware, or use comfy plush pillows that tie in the hues. Choose a centerpiece for your table that fits the mood – tropical, romantic, or pastoral – we have the perfect arrangements for every gathering.

With the extensive inventory of plants and flowers at Conklyn’s, we can help you to create a gorgeous outdoor space like no one has seen before. With your creativity and our inspiration, you are sure to have a gathering place your friends will be talking about all summer.