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Enjoy Beautiful, Long-Lasting Mums this Fall

The fall season brings us so many fascinating colors and textures, but none are quite as endearing as the chrysanthemum. With its wide range of species and varieties to choose from, the look and style of mums can vary drastically, given your decor an eclectic look. Mums’ colors are as different as their varieties, ranging from bright, bold reds, yellows and oranges to deep, sultry burgundys, purple and one bursting with color and energy everywhere you look.

Send beautiful mums to friends and loved ones throughout the D.C. area to celebrate special fall occasions or just to let them know you’re thinking of them. Since these flowers are es, and even white and cream. A beautiful bouquet of mums can be the difference between a typical fall season low-maintenance and easy to care for, your recipients will be able to enjoy their new fall blooms for months. The floral experts at Conklyn’s Florist are happy to walk you through which blooms might be perfect for you and how to care for them once they’re in your home.

Standard Mums & Cushion Mums

When you pictures chrysanthemums, standard mums are probably what come to mind. With round, full blooms on a single stem, these fabulous mums come in an array of color and fill out gorgeous fall floral designs beautifully. The red and yellow standard mums in ourHello Autumn Bouquet with their yellow centers look like larger, more intense daisies that give a luxurious texture to this design. Cushion mums, also resembling daisies with shorter, yellow petals surrounding a soft brown disk, are another spectacular variety of chrysanthemum. These are often used as accent pieces, like in our Warm Fall Wishes Bouquet. Designs to bring a festive fall welcome to any recipient, these blooms complement fall leaves and a ceramic pumpkin container gorgeously.

Standard Chrysanthemums

Hello Autumn Bouquet

Warm Fall Wishes

Daisy Mums & Rover/Spider/Cushion Mums

One of the most popular chrysanthemum varieties, daisy mums are a sweet bloom that feature colorful petals surrounding a green, yellow, or brown disk. Available in an array of fall colors like yellow, red, bronze, white, and orange, daisy mums like you see in our Amazing Autumn Bouquet make a happy addition to any bloom. Our Harvest Basket Bouquet is full of a mixture of chrysanthemums. Red rover mums, with yellow centers and red petals, are accented with cushion mums and spider mums. Resembling the legs of a spider, yellow spider mums, also known as fuji mums, add a delicate, lacy elegance to our basketful of autumn essence.

Spider Chrysanthemums

Amazing Autumn

Harvest Basket Bouquet

Incurve Mums

Incurve mums provide rich texture to any design with colorful, thin petals that curve upward and inward over the center disk, hiding it from view. This design is a great complement to other fall blooms, like in our Autumn Romance Bouquet where bronze incurve mums provide full, heady color and texture. Orange standard mums and yellow cushion mums stand out in our Sugar Maples Bouquet with their complex texture and lush, autumn hues.

Autumn Romance Bouquet

Sugar Maples Bouquet

Caring For Mums

Chrysanthemums are super easy to maintain and will remain beautiful for a long time when a few steps are taken to ensure their beauty. First, be sure to allow mums to get plenty of sunlight. Set them near a bright window where they can thrive. But keep in mind that while they love natural light, they should not be near other heat sources, like electrical appliances or heating vents. Mums are thirsty flowers, so replenish their water daily to the same level, changing out cloudy water for clean, fresh water whenever necessary. By caring for your mums in these simple ways, you can be sure to enjoy their beauty the entire season.

Mums are a beautiful way to celebrate everything fall has to offer. Whether you’re sending them to a friend or displaying them in your own home or office, be sure to care for them properly to make them last. Their colors and style will be a quick, easy fall update to any decor and add a festive, warm touch to the autumn season. Talk to the floral experts at Conklyn’s Florist for more tips and advice about which mums to choose and how to care for them all season long.