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5 Gifts To Encourage College Students

Send a Wonderful Gift

Leaving for college is truly a right of passage. As students head off to their new campus in the fall, it’s important to let them spread their wings. It’s also important to make them feel encouraged and supported. The designers at Conklyn’s Florist have created a list of gifts to encourage your college student as they leave. Send reminders of your care for them and help them make the most of this fall semester.


colorful bouquet creatively arranged in modern style

Floral and Gift Surprises to Show Them You Care

As independent as they are, students still need encouragement from time to time. A beautiful floral bouquet, a cool plant design or a delicious gift basket of treats are all great ways to send happy thoughts and help them power through the semester.


Send her Shades of Brilliance and light up her day. This colorful design features a modern mix of alstoemeria, roses and lilies in a modern color block scheme. She’ll love your thoughtfulness as much as the beauty this brings to her dorm room.


fruits, cheese, crackers, arranged in gift wicker basket



Send them something tasty and healthy with our Delicious Delights Basket. This basket, full of premium fruit, gourmet cheeses and fresh crackers, is the perfect snack when you can’t be there with fresh baked cookies after class.




succulents arranged in ceramic planter



He will love the low-maintenance, high style of our Desert Beauty Succulent Garden. Presented in a weathered slate pot, this long-lasting design is sure to bring a smile to his face every time he sees it- even if he forgets to water it once in a while.

Serene dish-garden filled with luscious plants




Provide your student with a Serene Retreat when you send a gorgeous dish garden full of varying indoor plants. These plants are known for purifying the air around them, allowing your student to literally breathe easier and enjoy a fresh, natural environment. Easy to care for and peacefully lush, this garden is one that will last.

Great Gifts to Send

Microwave & Accessories Not too many college students are known for their gourmet cooking. But they do know how to run a microwave! With quick, easy meals that are simple to clean up, microwaves are a college student’s best friend. Send them fun microwavable recipes or even accessories that will help them cook almost-homemade items like scrambled eggs or s’mores right in their microwave.

TV Streaming Device Don’t let them miss class just to watch their favorite TV show! Send a TV streaming device that will allow them to watch their show whenever they want. Even on-the-go students need a chance to relax and unwind and this is the perfect way to do that.

Laundry Accessories Make laundry easy when you send accessories that help that job. Set them up to be successful and help them do their laundry with a sturdy basket or bag, hangers, drying racks and any other laundry tools. Make the job that much simpler and they’re more likely to actually do their laundry while away at school.

Portable Chargers Students these days are on the go! So are their electronics. With a portable charger at their side, they can stay connected while on the go for hours. Send portable chargers to keep their cell phones, tablets and laptops charged and in working order all day long.


Above all your students should know how much you care about them and miss them. Make sure the gifts you send are from the heart and as meaningful as they are pragmatic. For more great ideas to encourage college students, talk to the designers at Conklyn’s Florist. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect gift and we will give you more ideas for your favorite college student.