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Posted by conklyns on May 14, 2018 Uncategorized

Express Your Admiration On Memorial Day

One of the best ways to celebrate Memorial Day (May 28 this year—make a note, if you haven’t already), is to remember someone who lost a soldier. Offer that person flowers in memory of their fallen loved one and in acknowledgement of their sacrifice to country. Conklyn’s Flowers is happy to guide you in your selection of flowers or plants for this occasion, which doesn’t necessarily call for the red, white and blue scheme we see on other patriotic holidays, but doesn’t require a traditional sympathy arrangement either.

If you’re attending a commemorative parade or event or even a gathering in someone’s home, bring flowers to the person for whom Memorial Day is most meaningful. An African Violet Basket would be the perfect gesture, as it communicates respect in a beautiful way. The velvety flowers in their thoughtful shade of purple are poignant and reflect admiration and hope. They can also be replanted in memory of the soldier.

Take a moment to offer the people in your life who are most affected by the loss of a beloved soldier a basket of flowers. It’s a quiet and yet impactful gesture and one that fittingly captures the spirit of Memorial Day.