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The Understated Elegance of Spring’s Pastel Flowers

Usher in the beautiful colors and freshness of spring and finally banish the winter doldrums. The most effective way to accomplish this is with a gorgeous bouquet of pastel-colored spring blossoms. Pastel flowers are loved because of their soft-hued shades of pale pinks, yellows, greens, and peaches which exude feelings of relaxation and calm. Additionally, they’re just really beautiful to look at!

Here at Conklyn’s Florist, Alexandria’s best florist and flower delivery, we like working with pastel-colored flowers because of their understated subdued, sophistication, and elegance majesty.

Some of Our Favorite Seasonal Pastel Flowers


Pink Roses

Roses are the most popular flower in the world and come in an assortment of colors. Often overshadowed by its bolder, red cousin, the lovely pale pink rose is more elegant and touching in how it whispers adoration and love for someone rather than shouting it. Also symbolizing refinement, sweetness, and grace, the stylish pink rose’s a chance to shine has come.

Wax Flower

These charming plants in shades of light purple as well as orange are indigenous to Australia. Happiness is symbolized by them, lasting love, and fortune and that tends to make them a favorite floral in wedding bouquets. We love them because of the pop of pastel color they take along with their beautiful star shape.

Lavender and Blue Hydrangeas

The rich complete blooms of the hydrangea bush cause them to become ideal plants for rounding away a bouquet and including a big serving of gorgeous pale tone. Coming shades of light green, white, lavender, blues, and pink, the hydrangeas bountiful lushness and pastel colors are ideal for spring.

Lavender Roses

Practically nothing says secret love and adoration like the beautiful lavender rose! Love-at-first-sight, enchantment, and mystery are some of the meanings represented by this uncommon color. We love it for its soft-hued color plus pastel perfection.

Pink Snapdragons

The rich and quite a few fluffy blossoms adorning the stalk of the snapdragon not just add texture that is great to arrangements but also an excellent quantity of smooth, pastel coloring. It is an ideal flower for Easter as well as Mother’s Day but also can stand by itself as well as be equally as exquisite.

Lavender Pompons

Chrysanthemums are available in so many different styles, styles, and sizes and they’re truly a remarkable flower. A kind of mum, the pompon, is a little globular bloom which benefits up any floral arrangement. Fun and charming, the lime green pom gives a pop of color which is the most perfect volume making an arrangement go from ho-hum to remarkable.

Roses and tulips and hyacinth - oh, my! All your spring favorites are here, whimsically arranged in a shallow terra-cotta pot in pretty pastel spring colors. The fun potted flower arrangement is a wonderful way to welcome a new baby, cheer up someone you love or brighten your own entryway. Also, a great housewarming gift!

Springtime Favorites

Pink roses, yellow tulips and lovely lavender hyacinth shine in our Springtime Favorites arrangement. All your spring favorites are here, whimsically arranged in a shallow terra-cotta pot in pretty pastel spring colors. It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, just because, or even a gift to yourself to brighten your mood and lift your spirits.

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