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The Flowers We Love and What They Say About Us

Most people have a favorite flower, the one style that warms their heart, that brings back a special memory or evokes a sentimental feeling. While your favorite bloom might represent a significant time, place or person in your life, it can also say a lot about your personality. The types of flowers you’re drawn to can be very revealing about your tastes, preferences and even your character. 

As florists, we have several favorites, and you might too! The designers at Conklyn’s Florist have rounded up a few of our very favorite blooms, which we love for their color, fragrance, and variety. What does your favorite flower say about you and your personality? How can you choose meaningful flowers to send to a special someone in your life? We’re here to show you. 


The sheer variety associated with roses makes them our favorite. For their versatility, endless shades and colors, varying sizes from spray roses to large garden roses, and for their classic beauty and signature fragrance, roses take the cake for favorite flower among our designers. If you love roses, too, you’re probably on the traditional or romantic side, striving for perfection and bringing out the best in everyone around you. Send our gorgeous Blushing Beauty bouquet to your favorite traditionalist to celebrate their style.

red roses and dark pink alstroemeria

Blushing Beauty Bouquet


These classic go-to flowers fit a multitude of purposes, mainly because there are so many varieties. From large, frothy football mums to the smallest micro mums, from spiky spider mums to dense cremone, the textures, sizes and varieties are typically available year-round and remain hardy even in the toughest conditions. Often used as an uplifting bloom for many different occasions, sending mums is equivalent to sending messages of optimism, cheerfulness, and friendship. Mums like those in our attractive Autumn Romance bouquet are a great flower to send to your best friend. 

cream-colored roses with bronze colored mums in glass vase

Autumn Romance Bouquet

Gerbera Daisies

With assorted warm tones, cheerful appearance, and versatility in size, these sunflower look-alikes always make a statement. Much like sunflowers, Gerberas tend to have a round disk center surrounded by bright single-color petals, ranging in hues from soft whites and pastels to bright fuschias, reds, and oranges. Symbolizing purity and innocence, Gerbera daisies like those in our Amazing Autumn bouquet make a great gift for a friend, co-worker or neighbor. 

peachy daisies and roses with ruby red lilies and carnations in bronze vase

Amazing Autumn Bouquet


We especially love the timeless elegance of hydrangea, with their full, dense heads of petals and beautiful color tones. As a bountiful offering in summer months, hydrangea are known for their large globe-shaped flower heads and colors ranging from blue and purple to pink and white. Lovers of hydrangea tend to be delicate and sensitive, but very in touch with their feelings. Our Weekend Getaway bouquet features the most common variety of hydrangea, sometimes called a mophead hydrangea. 

yellow roses adn blue hydrangea with green accent in cube

Weekend Getaway Bouquet


We love lilies for their bold variety of colors and types that can be featured in both small and large floral designs. With year-round availability and certain varieties presenting an unforgettable fragrance, lilies make an excellent addition to any arrangement. Traditionally included in wedding bouquets or funeral displays, lilies can also be a great gift for someone who is well-respected by their peers and who achieves their goals. A beautiful feminine flower that also comes in a variety of styles, lilies like those in our Fall Fantasia bouquet represent kindness, respectfulness, and hard work. 

peach colored lilies and red roses with green accents in vase

Fall Fantasia Bouquet

No matter what flower becomes your favorite, we know how important it is to share that bloom with your favorite friends and loved ones. Showcase your own sparkling personality with the flowers you use to decorate your home or workplace and celebrate special people with the flowers you select for them. To learn more about your favorite flowers and what they mean, talk to the floral experts at Conklyn’s Florist. We love to talk about our favorites and we want to hear about yours!