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Modern Flowers For A Modern Mom

Among the many flower purchases you may make in your life, Mother’s Day stands out. These are flowers intended for someone who is critically important in your life—and may have even brought you into this one. The moms we honor (and remember) on May 13th have an extraordinary impact on the lives of many. They deserve our attention, our time and our thanks. They also deserve a little something for themselves, whether that’s to relax or to spend every second with family and friends. The flowers you choose for them should reflect what you hope for them this year. Conklyn’s Flowers is here to help.

Our modern moms need flowers with a stylish palette, polished and sophisticated but also reminiscent of the garden. We love Modern Designs for this very reason. It’s a lovely piece that feels like it was designed with mom in mind, given that she could place this in the kitchen, on her dresser, or in the middle of the dining table. This could also go with her to work. It’s one of those arrangements that works nearly everywhere, lending a bit of elegance and a fresh, youthful feeling to the space.


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Peach roses, a cloud of hydrangea, greens and others all come together to present this dreamy vision.

Offer it to that mom in your life who has exceptional taste and loves to put her flowers everywhere around the house.