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Conklyn’s Cornucopias!

There are few things more highly anticipated than Thanksgiving dinner. Gathering with family and friends around a sumptuous feast is a time honored tradition; it heralds the beginning of the holiday season with warmth, friendship and love. Like most holidays, Thanksgiving is full of symbolism and meaning, unique to each family. But one element of Thanksgiving which is readily recognized by nearly everyone is the cornucopia, sitting in a place of honor as the centerpiece of the dinner.


The word cornucopia is a combination of two Latin words, and is directly translated as “horn of plenty”. Legend tells us that the shape of the wicker basket is meant to mimic a goat’s horn; in fact, the cornucopia’s history dates back to ancient Greek mythology, and the story of a young Zeus filling a goat’s horn with decadent food and drink. The cornucopia also appears in Roman art and storytelling, with gods and goddesses of prosperity and good fortune holding the overflowing horn. Because of this, through the years the horn of plenty has remained an iconic symbol of abundance.

At the historic feast between the settlers and their Indian friends in 1621, it would make sense that the cornucopia may have been on their tables. For your Thanksgiving table, Conklyn’s offers the Rustic Cornucopia – roses, lilies, sunflowers and daisies in seasonal yellows and oranges that will brighten any holiday celebration; while autumn details such as fall leaves, berries and cattails complete this stunning centerpiece.

Providing beautiful holiday décor for your Thanksgiving dinner is easy when you call Conklyn’s Flowers. As you get together with friends and family this season – Conklyn’s is your one-stop floral holiday shop. You can choose one of our arranged cornucopias, or we will work with you to create the perfect centerpiece or bouquet to make your dinner table spectacular. From ancient civilizations to contemporary Alexandria, giving thanks for the bounty in our life is a longstanding tradition. We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.