Memorial Day Flowers & Bouquets

Favorites in Memorial Day Flowers

At Conklyn's Florist in Alexandria, VA, we honor Memorial Day with a heartfelt selection of flowers and gifts that serve as a tribute to the brave souls who've made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. We're talking about more than just petals and stems; we're crafting symbols of honor, remembrance, and undying gratitude. Our Memorial Day collection is a parade of patriotic blooms, showcasing the bold reds, pure whites, and noble blues that mirror the spirit of the American flag.

Imagine an array of majestic lilies, each bloom standing tall like a soldier in a parade. Picture the vibrant gerberas and roses, their vivid hues speaking volumes of courage and bravery. Alongside these floral salutes, we offer a variety of keepsake gifts - each one thoughtfully chosen to resonate with the day's solemn significance. From wind chimes whispering melodies of freedom in the gentle breeze to memorial stones that lovingly mark a place of reflection, Conklyn's Florist brings comfort and solace through beauty. Let us help you commemorate this Memorial Day with floral tributes and gifts that express a nation's pride and a community's love.

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