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The Best Ideas for Hosting and Styling Your Cookout

One thing we always look forward to every summer is gathering outside with friends and family and enjoying a classic cookout. While this year’s celebrations are sure to be cherished and treasured more than ever, let your backyard decor communicate just how special this time truly is. Your friends here at Conklyn’s Florist, the top flower shop in Alexandria, are thrilled to be sharing a few tips and tricks when it comes to displaying your favorite seasonal flowers outside. 

The Perfect Way to Host a Beautiful Backyard BBQ

Colorful flowers in tin cans

Upcycle Old Cans & Bottles

From mason jars, tin cans, soda bottles, teacups, and other recycled materials, there is no limit to how you choose to display your favorite fresh summer flowers. If you love a good DIY project or enjoy a day of arts and crafts, you are sure to love dressing up your cans and bottles to perfectly match your cookout decor and theme. Gather bright paint colors, twine, burlap, eye-catching ribbon, and other lively accessories to help add pops of color to your backyard or outdoor space.

Pink floral arrangement on food table

Include a Monochromatic Display

Add a touch of modern minimalism to your backyard decor while adding a bold pop of color with a large monochromatic floral arrangement. Containing a varietal mix of your favorite summer blooms that share the same hue, it is sure to be the perfect clean yet unique design. Let this focal piece tie your entire backyard bash together as it complements your theme, Mother Nature, and the overall look and feel of your outdoor atmosphere.

Yellow flowers hanging in glass vases

Hang Flowers for a Whimsical Feel

Give your guests a lovely surprise when they look up by hanging bottles of blooms from above. Dress your tree branches, hooks, and other creative spots around your yard with fresh and colorful summer flowers in glass jars, bottles, and small hanging vases. As you create a fun, care-free, and whimsical look and feel for your backyard BBQ, you and your loved ones will experience all the joy while spending this quality time together.

White flowers in vintage green bottles

Scatter Bud Vases

Displaying bud vases around your backyard BBQ is the perfect way to add unique and eclectic décor items without veering too far away from a cohesive theme or color palette. Adding a variety of small glass bottles with different sizes, shapes, and even colors adds chic, vintage, and artistic elements to your floral designs. Spice up guest tables with clusters of bud vases or line the center of long tables like a runner.

Best Flowers for Your Backyard BBQ Decor

As brilliant summer blooms are an essential part of your backyard BBQ décor, we have rounded up a few great quality choices that will stay fresh and vibrant even in the summer heat. Consider flowers and plants such as:

Wax flowers









Whether it’s your annual BBQ or a casual cookout, ensure that your outside space is dressed to the nines in brilliant floral. Let your imagination run wild and explore your own fun ideas when it comes to arranging and displaying your favorite summer flowers. To find even more inspiration or for an extra hand, reach out to your friends here at Conklyn’s Florist.

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