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Posted by conklyns on July 23, 2018 Uncategorized

Take Your Pick: Three Floral Festivals

Here at Conklyn’s Flowers, we’re well aware of the sheer variety of floral festivals, events and attractions that exist across the country. Usually, flower-centric events take place in the spring and summer, for obvious reasons. A destination’s signature flower is typically in peak form then, so it can be showcased to best advantage to the adoring masses who come to celebrate it. Parades, parties, concerts and more accompany these flower festivals, which are a great way for visitors to discover local culture and explore a community. Find our top picks for floral events below, and get out your GPS.

Historic Garden Week, Virginia

The entire state participates in this week of flora, fauna and history. Not only can you tour some of the most cherished and preserved homes of Virginia, but you can dip into their gardens, too. And given the fact that over 40 such lush backyards are on display, this is really a feast for the eyes. Indoors, you’ll find stunning designs created by Garden Club of Virginia members.

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.

If this isn’t the most famous floral festival in all of the U.S., we don’t know what is. The cherry blossoms in full bloom are the main event here, and they can be best viewed by a walk along the Tidal Basin, across the grounds of Washington Monument or from Hains Point. You’ll want to photograph these pink and white blossoms from every angle, but the cultural activities and celebrations surrounding the festival are tons of fun, too. While in D.C., visit the United States Botanic Garden on the National Mall.

North Carolina Azalea Festival, Wilmington, North Carolina

If you can believe it, the humble azalea is the center of a festival that includes 50 events! You will be transported back in time at this celebration, which includes a three-day street fair, fancy galas, family-friendly activities and even a garden tour where Southern belles stroll across the grounds with you.

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