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Posted by conklyns on March 12, 2018 Uncategorized

The Story Behind Springs Lilacs & Tulips

Few flowers embody the exuberance and energy of Spring quite like tulips and lilacs. The emergence of tulips from the moist ground is a signal that winter has passed. Lilacs delight with their fragrant scent and detailed violet flowers. Conklyn’s Flowers is pleased to bring you both Spring classics in the Lovely Lilacs & Tulips bouquet.

This breathtaking arrangement features fresh-cut hand-picked springtime favorite lilacs and Dutch tulips. The tulips are light lavender, which perfectly complements the purple lilacs in this magical bouquet.

Whenever you want to send a burst of Springtime energy, this is the perfect gift. Both lilacs and tulips have an intriguing history, with lilacs tracing back to roots in ancient Greek times. The beauty and aroma of this flower inspired its sharing all across the world.

Tulips are associated with Holland, windmills and The Netherlands, but they actually have origins in ancient Persia and Turkey. Their soft, cheery blooms come in all colors of the rainbow. Today, there are thousands of cultivars, from solid hues to beautifully mottled looks.

Both lilacs and tulips are harbingers of Spring in many cultures. They signify the end of a long winter and offer a promise of rebirth and renewal.

No matter what the occasion, the Lovely Lilacs & Tulips bouquet from Conklyn’s Flowers sends a message of love and support. It is a celebration of Spring and a symphony of pastel blooms in perfect harmony that is sure to inspire.