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How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? A cozy and warm evening at home with your honey or a day of self-love doesn’t sound half bad. To make it sound even sweeter, your friends at Conklyn’s, Alexandria’s Premier Florist, created a list of the perfect ideas for a memorable day. You won’t even miss the noisy streets or crowded restaurants as you bask in the calm, and relax at home. However you spend the day, fill it with love. 

Thoughtful Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

The belle of the ball! Arranged in a ruby red vase, this romantic bouquet of rich red roses and delicate pink alstroemeria is a beautiful statement of love and devotion.

Send Beautiful Blooms

Staying home for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t spread some love to family and friends. Have fun sitting next to your sweetheart as you both select meaningful floral arrangements to send to your friends, neighbors, family, and anyone else who could use a little reminder that they’re loved. Might we suggest something charming like our “Blooming Belles” bouquet? 

Old Hollywood movie in black and white

Enjoy a Romantic Movie Marathon

If you’re celebrating solo this year, host your own romantic movie marathon filled with your most-loved classics. Slide into your couch or get comfy in a bed of pillows and blankets on the floor to create a special Valentine’s Day atmosphere. Enjoy every second of “me time” as you bask in timeless romantic stories. 

Ballroom dancing couple

Learn to Ballroom Dance

Dust off your dancing shoes and guide your partner to the floor. Play some romantic ballads or energetic tunes and learn to waltz, salsa, or tango together. It’s time to fall in love as you cha-cha on the dance floor and twirl your way into a romantic at-home Valentine’s Day.

Romantic rose and petal heart jigsaw puzzle

Build a Jigsaw Puzzle 

See if your teamwork truly makes the dream work, and build a grand jigsaw puzzle together. Test your patience and communication skills, or simply relax as you enjoy working side-by-side on a low-stress project. Once you finish, glue it down so you can frame it and admire the souvenir from your romantic day at home. 

Coin donation jar with hearts

Make a Loving Donation

Spread some love with a generous donation to a local organization that speaks to your heart. This Valentine’s Day, select a recipient on your own or sit next to your partner to identify a need together. There’s something quite special about bonding over a loving donation to your community. 

Couple making salad side by side in the kitchen

Have a Cooking Date

Grab an apron and preheat the oven because it’s about time for a romantic at-home cooking date. Get the recipes for the best gourmet entrees and delicious desserts, and spend the afternoon cooking with your honey. Since the fun is in preparing the meal together, don’t take your job in the kitchen today too seriously.

Magnificent night sky of stars

Sit Outside and Stargaze 

Warm your hearts and keep your Valentine cozy as you sit outside and stargaze. Warp yourselves in a big cozy blanket and hang tight to hot mugs of tea, coffee, or heated cocktails to stay comfy. If you head out early enough, you’ll even be able to admire a magnificent sunset before the night sky turns into a bed of shimmering stars.

From expressing kindness to self-care, or enjoying the day with your sweetheart, make this year special. Don’t miss a moment to stop and smell the roses, from Conklyn’s, as you relax at home.