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January Carnations at Conklyn’s Florist

carnationsFor our friends and loved ones with birthdays in January, we give vases and bouquets from Conklyn’s Florist that feature the beautiful carnation with its feathery and elaborate petals. From large birthday arrangements to simple tokens of love, carnations are the ideal bloom for virtually any occasion, particularly when the celebration takes place in January.

The Flower of Love and Happiness

The color of the flowers we choose for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations can mean many different things from the love of a red carnation to the purity of a white carnation. A single pink carnation is a beautiful symbol of young love, and a festive arrangement with orange flowers and multicolored carnations is a lovely symbol of lasting friendship.

One of the best parts about using carnations in your arrangements is that they’re at home in a group of varied blooms, and they also look beautiful as the featured flower. Imagine a beautiful display of pink and red waiting for your significant other after work on your first wedding anniversary or a bowl of friendly daisies and pink carnations for your mom and her January birthday.

Carnations are Meaningful Yet Fun

When you give someone roses, it often means love, and when you send lilies, it might be in remembrance of a dearly departed friend. When you offer a friend, significant other, or loved one a beautiful vase of carnations, the gift can mean many things and create beauty for countless occasions.

Carnations have an incredibly long history as a flower used for display with the ancient Greeks and Romans using them often for display and in decorative headpieces. One story suggests that they were often used in the floral crowns worn by royalty, and another story says they first appeared on earth when Christianity’s Virgin Mary cried, and her tears hit the earth.

Today, we see carnations appear in virtually every occasion from birthday parties held in January to every official and unofficial holiday that comes along in the months after the New Year. From spray painted green for St. Patrick’s Day to single flowers worn on the wrist for weddings and school dances, carnations are there for so many important events in our lives.

If you have a dear friend with a birthday in January, make sure to celebrate the occasion by featuring carnations in your decorations and birthday flowers. They are the perfect flower in virtually any display, and their appearance in a beautiful basket of flowers will add cheer to any occasion this January.