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Posted by conklyns on April 23, 2018 Uncategorized

Grace Them With Green This Nurses And Teachers Week

There are a lot of names for it—National Nurses Week, National Teachers Week, Nurse Appreciation, Teacher Appreciation—but no matter what you call it, this May 6 through 12 is dedicated to honoring some of our most tireless people. These are two fields dominated by women, or as we here at Conklyn’s Flowers like to think of them, “super ladies.” These women educate, inspire, nurture and otherwise empower the rest of us, taking care of our minds and bodies. They deserve something special this week, not to mention all year long.

We love the idea of offering our nurses and teachers a resilient plant this May, something vibrant and green that is as resilient as these important women are. Our Algaonema is one of those plants that thrives with little effort on the part of its owner, who will enjoy the abundant leaves and air-cleansing effects of what is otherwise known as the Chinese Evergreen.

This smart plant is a wonderful choice for indoors, where it can live out its days in a hospital environment or a classroom, reminding everyone how important the people in charge are. It’s crucial to show our appreciation for nurses and teachers all year long, but during this week, make your gratitude concrete with a plant gift.