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Giving Flowers this Mother-in-Law Day

mother-in-lawAre you ready for Mother-In-Law Day this year? Every year on the fourth Sunday of the month of October, Mother-In-Law Day is celebrated. This year, for 2015, Mother-In-Law Day will take place on Sunday, October 26th.
A Holiday with Texas Roots

Mother-In-Law Day is a special day set aside for honoring and showing appreciation to the mother of your spouse. Believe it or not, the first Mother-In-Law Day holiday was celebrated way back on March 5, 1934, in Amarillo, Texas. Setting aside a day just for mothers-in-law was the idea of the editor of the local Amarillo local newspaper.

So many mothers-in-law are like second mothers to their children’s spouses, and a special day set aside allows us to show love and gratitude to this bonus “mom” in our lives. The Mother-In-Law Day holiday has been modeled after Mother’s Day accordingly.

Cultivating a Positive Relationship

While many people get along very well with their spouse’s mother, others do not. However, whether you get along famously with her or the relationship needs some work, the Mother-In-Law Day holiday is the perfect time to reach out and show you care.

While you might have doubts about how to appropriately celebrate this special woman in your life, take heart; it’s easier than you might think. You can mark the occasion beautifully with a flower gift bouquet. Remember, the Mother-In-Law Day holiday is modeled after Mother’s Day, so many of the same gifts will work for celebrating this day.


Mother’s Blessing

Maternal Blessings

A mother-in-law’s love can provide support and guidance, and A Mother’s Blessing bouquet will let her know she’s truly blessed by having you in your life. This traditional Mother’s Day favorite is perfect for Mother-In-Law Day, and it is overflowing with daisies, carnations and baby’s breath in a beautiful basket.

Say it with Artful Elegance

If your mother-in-law is chic and elegant, then an Artful Elegance bouquet is the gift for her. This bouquet will arrive in a sleek, colored translucent vase and is adorned with Asiatic lilies, lavender roses, alstroemeria, seafoam statice, lemon leaf and variegated pittosporum.


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

For a contemporary yet decidedly feminine effect, consider sending your month-in-law a Pretty Pink Petals cube arrangement. From deep pink asters to pastel roses to stunning Stargazer lilies in a glass cube vase, this flower arrangement truly has it all.

Showing appreciation for your “second mother” is easier than you might think. Use these Mother-In-Law Day gift ideas to send the perfect flower arrangement to your spouse’s Mom, and contact Conklyn’s Flowers when you’re ready to place your order.