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Posted by conklyns on August 31, 2018 Uncategorized

Flower Gifts That Heal

If you’ve even been hospitalized, you know how soul-filling it is to receive flowers from people who are thinking of you. While the flowers themselves can brighten your room and be a lovely addition to any decor, the thought behind the flowers is so special. It’s encouraging to know loved ones are thinking about you and wishing you well. At Conklyn’s Flowers, we know how powerful the giving of flowers can be, not just for the recipient, but often for the giver as well. It’s a wonderful way to feel helpful, at least emotionally, when someone you love is going through a difficult time.

Brighten someone’s room and their day with our lovely Lily Topiary. This bright yellow design features a topiary of lemon yellow lilies, roses, and feathery greens in a pretty ceramic vase that gives this design a modern flair. Resembling a sculptured work of art, this design is truly one of a kind.

Lily Topiary DX - Conklyn's Flowers Nationwide

The next time you send flowers to a friend or loved one in the hospital, think about what kind of emotional healing you’re bringing. There is no wrong way to show someone you care with flowers. The floral experts at Conklyn’s Flowers are glad to help you choose the best arrangements to demonstrate your love and compassion.