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Conklyn’s Guide to Orchids

Orchids are mysterious and mesmerizing and are unlike any other flowering plant in nature. Perhaps it’s the delicacy of its blossom which grows from a structurally elegant stem, its fair beauty yet strength to rebloom multiple times, or the perfect symmetry the bloom has giving the plant balance atop curving irregularity. There are many reasons to fall in love with orchids, and here at Conklyn’s Florist, Alexandria’s best flower shop, we can’t get enough of them. Of course, we keep them in stock because we believe everyone should have orchids in their home. They are stylish, sophisticated, produce a sense of calm, and are striking decor that looks great in any room. To discover more about the amazing orchid, read our orchid-related blogs below and then succumb to their immaculate beauty and find the perfect one for yourself here.

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Elegant Beauty: A Closer Look at Orchids

Orchids are often identified as a symbol of refinement and innocence, and their allure is undeniable. Let’s take a closer look at these amazing and complex plants.

Orchids – A View from the East

The fantastic orchid exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History showcases interpretations of orchids as a part of Chinese history, legends, literature, and art.

Discover the Beauty of Blue Flowers

When most people think of flowers, they probably don’t think of blue ones. Blue flowers are rarer than other colored florals, but when you come across one, it really makes an impression.

Enhance Your Luck, Prosperity, & Fortune with These Plants and Flowers

Adding plants and fresh flowers to your home instantly give a boost to your mood and brighten up your home. If you’re going to decorate with fresh florals and living greenery, then you might as well choose ones that also can enhance your wealth, fortune, love, and luck.

The Favorite Flowers of Significant Women

Flowers are delightful, unique, and have an extraordinary quality of elevating our spirits. Many remarkable women in the past and today have the same effect on us.

Yes! You Can Give Him Flowers for a Valentine’s Gift

If you’re still deciding what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, then our florists at Conklyn’s Florist recommend flowers or living plants because, it turns out, guys actually really like them.

Pet-Friendly Flowers and Plants

We all love fresh flowers and plants for the beauty they provide and their wonderful aromas that fill our homes. Unfortunately, our pets don’t enjoy flowers the same way we do.