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Bring Hostess Gifts to Wow Them at Thanksgiving

Getting invited to a Thanksgiving celebration is truly an honor. It’s exciting to realize you’re off the hook from planning, decorating, cooking and cleaning… but it also means you have a different kind of responsibility. If you’re an invited guest for Thanksgiving, don’t go empty-handed. Bring a hostess gift to thank them for the invitation and to honor them for the hard work they’ve done.

The design experts at Conklyn’s Florist in Alexandria are no strangers to excellent gift-giving. In fact, we’ve perfected it into an art form. Here, we’ll share with you some amazing gifts that you’re hostess will love receiving almost as much as you love giving them.

Bring Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

purple lit candle

Fall Scented Candles

Aside from the fact that it’s just good etiquette to bring a hostess gift anytime you’re invited to dinner, keep in mind that Thanksgiving is not just any dinner. This meal takes time, money, effort and some creativity to execute. So be a thankful guest and show your hostess how grateful you are. You’ll just might secure a seat at next year’s table, as well!

  • Bring Something for Now: A hostess gift that can be opened and used immediately is a great thought. Bring a new set of personalized coasters or a fall-scented candle everyone can enjoy right away.
  • Bring Something for Later: A new set of herbal teas and a holiday mug can give your hostess something to enjoy after the festivities are over.
  • Bring Something for Anytime: A new cutting board or a set of monogrammed tea towels for the kitchen can be enjoyed year-round by your hostess.

Bring a Helpful Friendsgiving Hostess Gift

yellow daisies in glass container

Autumn Breeze Bouquet

An excellent new trend that’s quickly becoming a tradition is Friendsgiving. This new concept blends the traditions of the holiday meal with a gathering of chosen friends. If your tribe is gathering the week or two before Thanksgiving Day to celebrate together, be sure your hostess gift is also a helpful one.

  • Bring More Food: While the host or hostess is typically responsible for the turkey and gravy (trust us: do not try to transport a cooked turkey), they’ll appreciate your help with side dishes. Stay traditional with green bean casserole and lots of potatoes, or get creative with something for your vegan or gluten-free friends.
  • Bring Extra Stuff: Check with your hostess to see if extra serving utensils, place settings, leftover containers, or even chairs might be helpful, then pitch in with a hostess gift that fits the need. For your minimalist friends, a lovely floral design like our Autumn Breeze will be a great addition to the table.
  • Bring Drinks and Ice: No hostess wants to leave the party to run out for more supplies. There’s no such thing as too much ice or too much wine. Your hostess will be grateful for your forward thinking.

Bring A Strong First Impression with your Hostess Gift

red lilies and orange roses in copper container

Amazing Autumn Bouquet

You don’t want to make a good impression; you want to make a great impression. If Thanksgiving will be with hard-to-win in-laws, start off on the right foot and keep the momentum from there. Here are so excellent, as well as appropriate, hostess gifts for making a strong impression.

  • Bring Something Personal: Find out what they love and bring something that highlights it. A special Christmas tree ornament, a cat-themed apron, or a beautiful coffee table book of their favorite hobby are both thoughtful and specific.
  • Bring Something Upscale: Go above and beyond when you choose something a little fancy. Hand-made hand soaps for the guest bathroom, specialty teas or coffee, or a gorgeous bouquet of fall flowers like our Amazing Autumn design will put a smile on their face.
  • Bring Something Traditional: When in doubt, bring your hostess something traditional that can be enjoyed anytime. A bottle of wine or whiskey, a set of fall-scented candles, or monogrammed linen napkins make excellent gifts and show your gratitude.

Bring a Memorable Hostess Gift

yellow mums and orange roses in ceramic pumpkin

Warm Wishes Bouquet

When your Thanksgiving is going to be filled with all the same people and food you’re thankful for each and every year, take the opportunity to gift your hostess with something that will make this year’s Thanksgiving stand out and be remembered.

  • Bring Something Fun: A family-friendly conversational game that gets everyone involved will delight everyone. It will also take some of the weight of entertaining off your hostess’ shoulders.
  • Bring Something to Share: A fun dessert, breakfast casserole or muffins for the next morning will all be appreciated by your hostess as well as the other guests.
  • Bring Something to Keep: A cozy throw blanket or a “Thankful” wall hanging are great hostess gifts that they’ll enjoy a long time. Our Warm Fall Wishes bouquet, contained in a ceramic pumpkin, makes a great keepsake and can be used as a cookie jar for years to come!

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, and that’s the basic premise behind a hostess gift. You’re thankful to be invited, thankful for the hard work they’ve done to prepare this feast, and thankful for their friendship. Show them with a stellar hostess gift and let them know how much they mean to you. For more creative hostess gift ideas, talk to the creative experts at Conklyn’s Florist. We’ll help you choose the perfect gift no matter what kind of Thanksgiving you’ll be enjoying this year.