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Posted by conklyns on January 21, 2018 Uncategorized

Add Some Purple To Your Home Decor In 2018









Bet you haven’t given the color purple much thought yet this year, but if Pantone has anything to do with it, you’ll be designing your space with it in no time. The color powerhouse has announced their pick for Color of the Year, and it’s . . . drumroll please . . . Ultra Violet, an intriguing purple.

We here at Conklyn’s Florist find this color family a mysterious, evocative, rich palette, and we’ve got ideas about how to bring it into your home.

While you may not think adding purple to your decor scheme is an easy feat, it’s not so hard, either. Rather than commit yourself to a painted accent wall or a dozen throw pillows, start small and appeal to flowers for help. Consider having just one or two bright purple beauties pop up in a mixed arrangement full of color and life like our Simple Gorgeous.

The hydrangeas here are an almost exact replica of Ultra Violet, and they sure do modernize the bouquet. This color has dimension for days, and when you use it in balance with others, it’s drama really adds a lot of value to your space. Then again, we’ve seen all-purple bouquets that are true stunners, a galaxy of hues just begging to be looked at and discovered. Don’t be afraid to test run Pantone’s purple through flowers.