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Posted by conklyns on May 7, 2020 | Last Updated: May 11, 2020 Uncategorized

Add Elegance to Your Home with Hanging Planters

Add some charm and elegance to underutilized spaces with hanging planters. Everyone knows the benefits plants and flowers provide, which is why so many of us have plants in the home. Well, free up some counter space or get yourself even more plants and hang them from the ceiling to give your home an instant and fresh style update. Here at Conkyn’s Florist, we love all things green and blooming and have put together a few tips to help you get started with hanging planters in your home.

Hanging Planters Are Perfect for Small Spaces

Small apartments, homes, or rooms can easily get cluttered. Don’t sacrifice not having any plants because you don’t think you the room – just elevate them. Hanging plants don’t take up any floor space or counter space, but rather utilize an area typically unoccupied. Plus, having hanging plants at eye level makes them more noticeable and more appealing. Create your own living garden inside your home with hanging planters.

Some good plants suited to inside your home are English Ivy, Spider Plant, Burro’s Tail, Boston Fern, Pothos, and Philodendron. Just make sure to pay attention to which plants work best in the full sun versus shadier spots in your indoor space.

Watering Your Hanging Planters

Each container for your plant needs water drainage holes for the excess water. You can see where this might get messy, so it’s important your container has a drip tray or pan underneath. Or, you could place a pot within a pot to capture the extra runoff. Investing in a long-neck watering can and a stepstool are worth it as well. Just remember, as indoor hanging plants tend to dry out quicker than their in-ground counterparts, it’s important to monitor them on a regular basis. If the topsoil is dry to the touch, it’s likely time for some water.

Hanging Planter Varieties

The container can come in all shapes, sizes, or materials. The lighter the better, though, as once a plant and its soil are added, it could become quite heavy. Ceramic pots are very pretty but are also very heavy. Something lighter like plastic or thin metal makes good plant containers. For the hanger, ropes, chains, wire, and macramé are popular. Once you get into creating your own decorative hanging planters, you will see many items around your home you can utilize to create a new decorate hanger.

Creative Hanging Planters

Searching the web for DIY hanging planter or hanging baskets will result in a huge number of ideas and pictures. Of course, the easiest way is to purchase the hanging planter already with a plant in it and everything from a nearby florist and hang it up. Done! But, for more creative types, check out our Pinterest board for more unique and one-of-kind hanging planter styles to get you started.