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Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean using products with harsh, toxic, and chemical ingredients. Did you know you can disinfect and sanitize with household items such as vinegar? In addition to DIY cleaners, your friends here at Conklyn’s Florist, the top flower shop in Alexandria, are sharing new ways to spring clean this year. From cleaning hacks that will refresh, reorganize, and refine your home to adding the best flowers to brighten, calm, and liven up each room, you can enjoy lovely aromas and beautiful ambiance in an earth-friendly way.

Refresh Your Bedroom

If freshening up your bed seldom makes its way on your to-do list, spring is the perfect time to give your mattress, pillows, and comforter the T.L.C. they deserve. While your pillows and comforter tumble in the dryer on high heat to help kill dust mites and germs, vacuum your mattress. You heard that right! You can also sprinkle some baking soda on any stains or odors to help freshen it up even further. Finally, rotate your mattress and make your bed with your nice clean linens.

Refresh with Florals

Spring is also the perfect time to add a pop of mood-boosting color to your bedroom in the form of living plants. Both flower arrangements and green plants are proven to ease any seasonal depression that may still be lingering. In addition to being fabulous decor, plants and blooms keep you sleeping soundly and your bedroom feeling fresh by promoting oxygen flow and air circulation.

  • Tulips: Add a more feminine, lighter, and brighter feel to your bedroom
  • Peace Lily: Refresh air circulation for a peaceful night’s sleep
  • Eucalyptus: Breathe easier with this invigorating fresh aroma
  • Carnations: A beautiful and inspiring representation of luck and purity

Reorganize Your Kitchen

If your spring cleaning routine involves emptying each kitchen cabinet and shelf in the refrigerator to give each nook and cranny a deep clean, this next tip will be easy. Before replacing any utensil, gadget, tool, and food back in place, make sure it still proves itself useful in your home or has not expired. After spending a long winter and the holiday season at home, you might have a good idea as to what you like to use and what you can toss or give away.

Reorganize with Florals

Did you know that in addition to decluttering and freeing up cabinet space, flowers are also a way to help us decrease stress? If seasonal depression or cabin fever knock you down, a beautiful, uplifting, and colorful spring flower arrangement is sure to do the trick. Say “hello” to their cheerful hues and “goodbye” to a drab winter.

  • Hyacinth: Brightens the room with a joyful tone
  • Gerbera Daisies: Associated with rejuvenation and energy
  • Daffodils: The top mood-boosting bloom
  • Sunflowers: A sunny representation of happiness and gratitude

Refine Your Bathroom

After you have cleaned and decluttered, if your bathroom is still feeling like it needs something to feel fresh for spring, try a few creative storage solutions. Add elegant wall shelving for skincare, a rustic linen ladder to drape extra towels, and organizers underneath the sink for a refined display of cleaning products and toiletries. You can also brighten your decor with seasonal wall art or add a spring-scented hand soap and matching lotion.

Refine with Florals

In the spirit of swapping winter for spring, it is also time to swap the warm fragrant candles for sunny flowers with naturally beautiful scents. A pop of living floral is the best decor for your bathroom as it promotes air freshness, tranquility, grace, and refinement. We love trading in the air fresheners, plug-ins, and aerosols for these crisp blooms.

  • Peonies: A favorite spring flower for luck and love
  • Hydrangea: Creates a “zen” environment
  • Orchids: An elegant bloom for the bathroom
  • Sweet Peas: A sweet and blissful bloom

How will you welcome the new spring season this year? If you are looking for that perfect plant or flower arrangement for your home, the experts here at Conklyn’s Florist are always happy to lend a hand. Refresh your space with lovely fragrances, mood-boosting energy, serene feelings, and air purifying abilities, all from Mother Nature.