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World Peace Day Information

world peace dayEven though our history is full of wars fought and won, most people yearn for that day when peace reigns. Is it possible? It’s likely John Lennon’s song “Give Peace a Chance” was familiar to Don Morris, the Miami native who established World Peace Day in 1997. Well known locally simply as “The Peaceguy”, Morris had a clear vision of what this celebration should – and shouldn’t be.


His idea was powerful in its simplicity. Maybe we could experience peace at the global level, if each person did their part to reconcile, forgive and find common ground in their own lives.


The word peace brings up different images to different people. Some would think of a comforting inner peace; while others may think of the peace needed to restore a broken relationship. Peace is most often defined as the absence of war; but it can also be the absence any kind of personal, daily strife. Regardless of what peace means for you in your life; Morris has some simple ways to observe World Peace Day


  • Drive with your car headlights on all day, to shine your support for peace
  • Send lawmakers and government leaders origami cranes, a symbol of peace
  • Pray for – or meditate on – the possibility of peace on a regional, national and global scale
  • Wherever possible, be the peacemaker in your own life.


Not only can Conklyn’s Flowers help you to create beautiful floral arrangements should you wish to reach out to anyone. but we can deliver green plants perfect for World Peace Day. Green plants are proven to bring a sense of serenity, calm and relaxed productivity to a home or office. So not only will the gesture exude peace, but the plant can actually provide it.



World Peace Day is November 17. Whether we send a bouquet or gourmet basket, or simply buy a cup of coffee for a stranger, let’s all what we can to just be nice to each other. Covering Arlington and into surrounding area, we have all the flowers, gifts and green arrangements you’ll need for any occasion. Call Conklyn’s Flowers today, and let us help you to do your part for peace.