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Sending Flowers for Friendship Week

friendship weekFriendship Week is coming up the third week in August, and this would be the perfect time to let those who are special to you, know exactly how much you care about them. The people who have earned your trust and affection will be delighted to know that you appreciate them. A floral arrangement of gorgeous flowers is the ideal gift to send, it would truly make the recipient’s day!

Bright & Cheery is breathtakingly beautiful. The intensity of brightly multi-colored African gerbera daisies, combined with sophisticated yellow roses, is displayed in a fashionable glass vase. After receiving this bouquet, your friend will recognize they are highly regarded.

friendship week

Bright and Cheery

The Be Happy Bouquet will certainly bring a smile to your buddy’s face; this comical container of blossoms radiates warmth, and has a tendency to provoke laughter. Elegant roses and daisy fills a smiley face vase. This present will definitely attract their attention and brighten up any room.

friendship week

Be Happy Bouquet

This enchanting flower design named Hydrangea Drama is sure to please that wonderful individual who has always been there for you. Bountiful hydrangeas in hues of purple and white, is accented with delicate green foliage. Showcased in a pretty glass container, the receiver will love it.

friendship week

Hydrangea Drama

About Conklyn’s Flowers Nationwide

Whether it is Friendship Week or some other special occasion, Conklyn offers you everything you will need to make the event a success. We carry magnificent flower arrangements, lush blooming green plants, gourmet baskets of tasty treats, and a variety of other gift items.

For more than 70 years, we have been providing our customers professional services with emphasis on quality, while making sure they are getting a good bargain. We are constantly striving to present the very best, that is why we invest in technology and top-notch designers.

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