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When you’re looking to spice up your long-distance relationship or simply spoil your love from afar, sending a romantic surprise is the perfect gesture. It’s wonderful to be able to send text messages or pick up the phone whenever you need to hear their voice, but how else can you ensure your relationship continues to grow while you’re apart? Our romantic team members at Conklyn’s Florist in Alexandria came up with a few unique and classic ideas to ensure your love continues to bloom.

Seven Surprises For Your Long-Distance Sweetheart

Framed Map

The best way to keep the bond strong between you and your long-distance love is by keeping a significant location close to the heart. Whether it’s the spot you first met, your current whereabouts, or the sentimental location of your first date, creating a charming framed map of a special place is truly romantic. Your honey will love the sweet reminder as they admire the lovely framed piece hanging on their wall.

Conversation Starters

Those in a long-distance relationship might find themselves searching for creative and more interesting things to discuss when chatting on the phone or enjoying a virtual Zoom date. If you’ve been away from your loved one for a time, your recent conversations might be feeling a little like deja vu. Once your Valentine opens a brand new set of conversation starters, you’ll both be excited to start spicing up your virtual dating life again.

Electric Neck or Foot Massager

One of our favorite ways to say, “I love you” is through a sweet foot or neck massage after a long day. However, when you’re in a long-distance relationship, these “luxuries” are no longer possible. So, how do you continue speaking the love language of physical touch? Gifting your love an electric foot or neck massager is the perfect way for them to enjoy a little self-care or R&R whenever they feel it’s necessary.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast Gadgets

This unique and thoughtful gift is perfect for your breakfast-loving sweetheart. If you can’t cook them a romantic breakfast-in-bed on special mornings, you can still make sure they wake up to a heart-shaped breakfast spread. Gift your gal or guy a set of heart-shaped breakfast gadgets, like cookie-cutters, pans, waffle irons, or other molds. They’ll love how thoughtful you can be from afar to ensure they can still enjoy a romantic start to their morning.

Custom Mug

Speaking of a romantic start to their morning, if your Valentine loves a hot beverage when they wake up, consider a custom mug. Have fun creating a personalized coffee mug for your partner with photos from past adventures, silly selfies, inside jokes, or a romantic quote. There’s nothing better than waking up to a cozy cup-of-joe that’s poured into the most thoughtful gift.

The complete package! What better gift to give the one you love, than the "Hopeless Romantic" Roses (18), chocolates and a bear too, sure to let your love one know just how much you care about them!

Hopeless Romantic

The “Hopeless Romantic” is a classic combination of bright red roses and delicious, mouthwatering chocolate. It’s an unbeatable classic gesture that will never go out of style. Make their heart even warmer by adding a cozy teddy bear to create a full trifecta. You can’t go wrong with this elegant yet cute and romantic gift.

Surprise her with roses in four gorgeous shades of love artistically arranged in a red contemporary cube. Imagine the look on her face when she opens the door and sees this ravishingly romantic bouquet. She'll fall in love with you all over again.

Madly In Love

It’s true that red roses are the symbol of love and romance, but did you know pink roses are the symbol of admiration, grace, gratitude, and joy? Send a beautiful message with our “Madly In Love” rose arrangement. Created with four breathtaking shades of red and pink roses, carefully arranged in a modern red cube. There’s no brighter way to say, “I love you.”

Bright festive colors transition from the flowers to the fruit. Add tea and honey with a cookie or a piece of fruit to make anyone's day.

Soothing Comfort

If you are sending a gift in the dead of winter, why not give your loved one a surprise delivery that will warm them from the inside and soothe their souls? The Soothing Comfort Gift Basket is not only the perfect gesture for someone feeling a little cold, but is also an amazing and thoughtful gift for any significant other far away. Tea, honey, fruit, or cookies paired with lively and uplifting blooms is sure to win over their heart.

With hot pink, yellow, blue, red and purple flowers, along with bright balloons, it’s sure to get that special someone back on their feet in no time.

Balloons and a Boost

Brighten up their afternoon from afar with a cheerful balloon bouquet tied to a romantic floral arrangement with lovely pops of color. This quirky, uplifting, and classic gift is sure to boost their mood as it adds a loving burst of color to their office desk or kitchen table.

No matter how you decide to spoil your sweetheart, sending anything at all is a significant romantic gesture in itself. Here at Conklyn’s Florist, we love seeing the glowing faces of our clients as they open the door to a surprise delivery.