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Posted by conklyns on June 11, 2018 Uncategorized

June’s Prettiest Anniversary Flowers

Conklyn’s Flowers is thrilled to be at the beginning of June, the month that sees more marriages than any other month of the year. Flowers are at their fullest expression (and some might say best) at the dawn of summer, when the weather is temperate and skies are blue. It’s picture perfect outside, which is one of the reasons we tend to get married in June. Flowers are a huge part of ceremonies and receptions—we know, because we provide them. We also offer anniversary flowers, the kind of floral designs that speak to the deep and abiding relationship you have been nurturing over the years.

Give something beautiful, buoyant and bright like our Make Her Day bouquet. With its bright pops of pink, greens and yellows, this feels fresh and youthful, a gorgeous array of blooms that will bring a smile to her face. Making her happy on one of the most important days of your lives together is a given; doing so through flowers is the quickest (and loveliest) route to that happiness.

Offer the perfect floral tribute to your marriage each and every anniversary. It’s an achievement to be celebrated.