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How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness with Flowers

breast cancer awarenessEvery October, we observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ever since the observance got its start in 1985, the goal has been to raise awareness about the importance of early detection. The best way to accomplish that is by encouraging all women to get yearly mammograms starting at age 40. Conklyn’s is thrilled to be able to support this worthy cause.

How Pink Became a Color that is Synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation sponsored its first Race for the Cure in 1990. That year, the foundation gave breast cancer survivors who ran in the race, pink visors as a way to make them stand out. The following year, every participant in the race received a pink ribbon. That wasn’t enough to establish the ribbon as the symbol for breast cancer awareness.


In 1991, with the help of Evelyn Lauder, the woman for whom the Estée Lauder Company was named, Self Magazine designed the October issue of the magazine to highlight the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness. The issue was so successful that Alexandra Perry, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, wanted to make the 1992 issue even more successful. She came up with the idea to use a ribbon, and she asked Evelyn Lauder to help by distributing the ribbon throughout stores in New York City. Lauder suggested they display the ribbon on cosmetic counters all over the country.

breast cancer awareness

Posh Pinks

About a week later, Self Magazine writer Liz Smith wrote a story about a woman who was making peach ribbons for breast cancer. Her name was Charlotte Haley. The 68-year old woman was no stranger to breast cancer. Her grandmother, sister, and daughters had all been breast cancer sufferers.


Mrs. Haley was engaged in a grassroots campaign to help spread awareness about the miniscule portion (5 percent) of the National Cancer Institute’s $1.8 billion went to breast cancer research. She included a card that explained this with each packet of five handmade ribbons she assembled.


Evelyn Lauder and Alexandra Perry decided to make a shade of pastel pink, the symbol of the Breast Cancer Foundation. By doing this, they established pink as the color that is synonymous with breast cancer and breast cancer awareness.


breast cancer awareness

Passionate Pink Roses

We’ve chosen some of our favorite pink floral arrangements. We believe that these arrangements will truly show your support for breast cancer awareness and your solidarity with women who are breast cancer patients or breast cancer survivors.


Posh Pinks is a delightful combination of different flowers in various shades of pink. The cube vase is ideal for a desk, small table or another area where space is limited.


Passionate Pink Roses is the epitome of elegance. A bouquet of one or two dozen pink roses with accents of waxflowers and baby’s breath is sure to stop a recipient in their tracks.