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Posted by conklyns on January 15, 2018 Uncategorized

Gorgeous Flowers For Your Besties

This February 13th, join us in celebrating Galentine’s Day, an occasion just ahead of V-Day dedicated to celebrating the love every gal has for her besties. The idea sprang from a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation and struck a nerve: every year, more and more girls gather up their crew and do something fun in honor of friendship, whether that’s a long lunch or a girls night out. They give gifts, too.

Flowers are a natural fit for this event, we here at Conklyn’s Flowers believe. Since they’re beautiful, fragrant, eye-catching, mood-lifting and happy-giving, they’re the perfect choice for your friends.

One look at our Princess Whispers, and you’ll see what we mean by a good fit. This beauty is a cluster of pink, lavender and violet blooms, all of them different shapes and textures, but working gorgeously together. In fact, take one out, and it would feel like a real loss. 

Imagine having this delivered to your friend at work, or using it in a centerpiece design for a dinner party you host at your house? You could line up several down the table, and then when the night is over, each bestie could take one home. What better way to remind someone that you love them than through flowers? Even if they all get plenty the next day, none will be as special as the one you give, since it is inspired by friend love. Some might say it’s the most important love of all.