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Fun Facts: Aster

asterThe birth flower for the month of September is the beautiful Aster flower. These blooms come with bright yellow centers and petals that can be a variety of different colors, including pink, lavender and white.

The history and meaning of the Aster flower

The Aster flower has long been admired for its beauty. In ancient mythology, it was believed that Virgo scattered stardust over the earth which led to the blossoming of these lovely star shaped flowers. The goddess Astraea was also believed to cry when she saw that there were no more stars in the sky and the areas where her tears hit the earth bloomed into the gorgeous Aster.

Over the centuries the consistent meaning of love has largely remained. The ancient Greeks regarded it as a symbol of love. It is also considered the herb of Venus, the goddess of love, which tied in nicely to the symbolism.

Even in Victorian times the flower was viewed as a symbol of love and daintiness. It was also used to astersymbolize patience. There was also a tradition of laying the flowers on the graves of French soldiers as a way of wishing that events had turned out differently.

Today they are still widely regarded as a symbol of love and patient in addition to being used for September birthdays and 20th anniversaries.

Here are some gorgeous arrangements that use this flower. We recommend these gifts as a perfect way to express love for someone with a birthday in September.

Summer Garden Bouquet

Celebrate the end of summer by bringing in a gorgeous arrangement that will bring in the yellows, purples and blues that make it so bright and cheery. This arrangement uses Asters along with other popular flowers such as sunflowers, daisies and carnations. This basket will look spectacular as a centerpiece, on a table or on a desk.

asterCountry Days

This beautiful fresh-picked basket is a wonderful burst of color that will surely light up the face of any birthday person. The basket is also a wonderful way to welcome the beginning of fall. You can place this basket as a centerpiece, at the entrance to a home and anywhere else throughout the house. It will look spectacular no matter where it is placed.

At Conklyn’s Flowers, we love helping people find the perfect flowers for their special day. September is the month to celebrate with Asters and we think this star shaped flower is a wonderful way to mark this month’s birthdays. Let us help you find the arrangement that will work best for your loved one.