Conklyn's Florist

Conklyn's Florist

Posted by conklyns on October 10, 2013 Uncategorized

Flowers on Furlough!

Announcing! Flowers on Furlough! Conklyn’s is bringing 500 stems to Capitol South Metro Station tomorrow morning at 9am until… the furloughed flowers disappear.

Flowers on Furlough is a Conklyn’s Florist Social Media Meetup: Conklyn’s Creates smiles in the shutdown and the rain. Jump down to Capitol South Metro Station any time after 9:00am Friday morning, Oct 11, 2013. We’ve put 500 of our flowers on furlough to give away for FREE.

Grab a white flower if you support the Democrats in relation to the shutdown.
Grab red flower if you support the Republicans in relation to the shutdown.

We’ll be updating you on the rate of how quickly these flowers disappear. Conklyn’s simply wants to create some smiles in this time when federal employees and contractors and citizens are hurting from the shutdown. Instead of a “straw” poll, this is our flower “stem” poll to see which party’s flower stems disappears first.

NOT a political statement or protest, but a lighthearted way to bring some smiles to Capitol Hill from a company that loves creating smiles.

Stay tuned on Facebook to see our flower stem count updates!
Check out our press release below.

Flowers on Furlough Press Release