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Conklyn's Florist

Posted by conklyns on May 28, 2018 Uncategorized

Flowers For Your Best Friend

June 8 brings us National Best Friend’s Day, and if you didn’t know that was a thing, rejoice, because it is.

Conklyn’s Florist is of course prepared to help you celebrate your friendship through flowers, but we are ready to go one better than that even. We’re here to help you send your bestie flowers that are imbued with symbolism, speaking directly to the quality and depth of your friendship and looking gorgeous while doing it.

Put your bestie in a Sunny Mood with the yellowest of yellow roses. This is the color that conveys abiding fondness in a platonic way, as well as loyalty and joy. Roses always symbolize love, but when they are yellow, that love is platonic. Lilies help the message along, and the lemon-yellow container leaves little doubt as to the meaning behind this gorgeous, fragrant design.

Just a touch of green appears here, offering contrast and playing up the punch of color. Deliver these with a card that explains just how much you appreciate the friendship, honoring that special person in your life who may not be family but certainly feels like it.