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Decorating for Houseplant Appreciation Day

houseplant appreciationWe all know how adding plants to a room can make a big difference in how the area appears afterwards. Now thanks to Houseplant Appreciation Day, the day of January 10, you have a legitimate reason to buy some plants for sprucing up your place. This day is in honor of how houseplants are beneficial to our health as well as acknowledge their contribution to the aesthetics of our homes and offices.

We have a variety of houseplants to help you decorate for this novel holiday.

Aglaonema, also know as the Chinese Evergreen is a magnificent plant, that is lush and sports an abundance of dark green foliage displayed within an attractive container. This would fit perfectly on an end or a side table in a hallway.

Add a touch of elegance to an office with the Opulent Orchids. This distinctive combo of orchids, bamboo, pebbles and greenery makes a big statement with its simplistic appeal. Showcased in a modern wooden container, this design would look wonderful on a desk or bookcase.

The Potted Arboricola Plant is very tolerant and ideal for those who might sometimes forget to water it. This shrub can be utilized indoors as well as for outdoor landscaping. Decorating a bare corner of a room or placed upon a fireplace hearth, this greenery will improve any décor.

Conklyn’s Flowers Nationwide started serving the people in the year 1938. We have grown since that time to become an award-winning leader within the floral industry. We can help you with decorating your spot for Houseplant Appreciation Day as well as any other event you wish to make memorable.

We offer plants, flower arrangements, gifts, fruit and gourmet baskets plus more!

Feel free to reach out to us today or register online, our professional and friendly staff is able to assist you with whatever you require or questions you might have.