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Posted by conklyns on October 28, 2018 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Craft A Seasonal Tablescape

Autumn is upon us and that means there are plenty of opportunities for seasonal entertaining. This year, the designers at Conklyn’s Flowers have put together some great tips and beautiful centerpieces to help your fall tablescape look its best.

  • Create a modern cornucopia by filling a wide, wooden or metal container with hardy fall fruits and vegetables, gourds, and leafy accents. Artichokes, apples, pears, and kale are among the pieces that will give your table a rustic look.
  • Create a unique twist on candlelight centerpieces when you carve mini-pumpkins into votives and float in a shallow container of water. Use blanched pumpkins and a clear glass container for a more elegant look.
  • Something as simple as green apples in a wicker basket atop an all-white or cream table will stand out and symbolize the freshness of the harvest season beautifully.

Bring gorgeous fall colors to your table with our Orange Rose Mosaic design. This fabulous centerpiece is filled with fall roses bursting out of an orange cube vase. Place several along the center of a long table for even more continuity.

A gorgeous table is an easy and fun way to inspire the spirit of autumn in you and your guests. For more great ideas, talk to the floral experts at Conklyn’s Flowers and let us show you some of our favorite fall decorating tricks.