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Conklyn's Florist

Posted by conklyns on April 30, 2018 Uncategorized

Celebrate A Graduate, Give Flowers

Conklyn’s Flowers sees the beginnings of summer just ahead and with it the arrival of end of school year celebrations, a spirited time where the efforts of our high school seniors will be celebrated through graduations, dances, awards ceremonies and other events. One of the best ways to show your favorite graduates you care is through a beautiful arrangement of flowers. This may be one of the most memorable (and also one of the first) bouquets they receive in their lives.

Which makes selection pretty important. We love the idea of giving yellow flowers, as that color symbolizes both joy and wisdom. It’s also a gender-neutral color and adds a festive pop of brightness to any bedroom. Our Sunny Mood design feels youthful and yet the roses and lilies communicate the significance of the occasion. 

The flowers available around the time of graduation reflect the best of spring, so they lend themselves perfectly to celebrations. It’s hard to go wrong if you think of the graduate at hand and what they might enjoy most, but yellow, with its symbolism, is a solid direction to take. Have this delivered the morning of graduation with a note expressing your pride and hopes for a rosy future ahead.