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Posted by conklyns on December 15, 2017 Uncategorized

2018’s Posh Victorian Blooms






There’s nothing like International Floral Distributors‘ annual trend forecast for flowers to give us just the design inspo we need. Here at Conklyn’s Flowers, we love knowing what lies ahead in 2018 when it comes to floral work. The colors, textures and shapes that everyone will be talking about next year give us plenty to think about now.

Of the four trends identified by IFD, it’s the Positively Posh style that we’re discussing in this week’s blog.

The look is traditional romantic, with a twist, and texture is emphasized. With this approach, layers of petals unfold like a ruffle. The color palette keeps this style modern, utilizing pale pinks and grays and those muted tones we’ve been seeing so much of the past couple of years. Here and there this soft effect is punctuated by a vivid violet or crimson bloom. You can see how this trend plays out in our Victorian Romance bouquet. Victorian Romance - Conklyn's Flowers Nationwide

There’s something youthful and whimsical about this design, and while it definitely could pop up in the pages of Vogue, it would be just as at home in your home. A key concept of this trend is that, while lavish and upscale-looking, these designs should still be relatable and accessible.

Can you see why we love it? Expect big things in flowers for 2018. We here at Conklyn’s Flowers will be on top of it.