Summer’s Flower And Dinner (And Wine, And Dessert) Pairings

We here at Conklyn’s Flowers have no doubt that you’ve planned out the whole menu for your summertime soiree—you know, the one where you have a proper dinner party, inviting all your friends, family and neighbors over to eat, drink, be merry and welcome summer? These gatherings have a loose, festive and relaxed vibe, showcasing lots of fresh food and delicious wine or cocktails. Maybe you’re serving up sangria and tapas, a zesty ceviche or a jambalaya. Summer’s flavors are bright and bold, so it follows that the flowers you use to decorate your fiesta should be, too.

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June’s Prettiest Anniversary Flowers

Conklyn’s Flowers is thrilled to be at the beginning of June, the month that sees more marriages than any other month of the year. Flowers are at their fullest expression (and some might say best) at the dawn of summer, when the weather is temperate and skies are blue. It’s picture perfect outside, which is one of the reasons we tend to get married in June. Flowers are a huge part of ceremonies and receptions—we know, because we provide them. We also offer anniversary flowers, the kind of floral designs that speak to the deep and abiding relationship you have been nurturing over the years.

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Yes, Dads Deserve Flowers Too

Who says you can’t give dad flowers? Certainly not Conklyn’s.

Father’s Day is June 17, so cue the search for the perfect gift. The struggle is real with this one, as so often our dads are mum on the topic of what they want, demurring instead to a vague “I don’t need anything.” This year, we suggest you take them at their word, and in that case, get them something nobody needs but that is always deeply appreciated for its beauty and freshness. Here’s how you can give your dad flowers this year.

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Flowers For Your Best Friend

June 8 brings us National Best Friend’s Day, and if you didn’t know that was a thing, rejoice, because it is.

Conklyn’s Florist is of course prepared to help you celebrate your friendship through flowers, but we are ready to go one better than that even. We’re here to help you send your bestie flowers that are imbued with symbolism, speaking directly to the quality and depth of your friendship and looking gorgeous while doing it.

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Sneak Peek At Summer’s Blossoms

Who doesn’t love a good sneak peek?

We here at Conklyn’s Flowers aren’t about to turn down the chance to look ahead to summer’s flowers, or to show you what’s coming, either. Spring and summer share many blooms in common, but there’s nothing quite like the hottest season to give us some of the freshest, hardiest, brightest bloomers all year. Sunflowers, roses, daisy, dahlia, marigold and a whole variety of lilies. It’s a veritable showcase of the year’s most glorious flowers.

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Express Your Admiration On Memorial Day

One of the best ways to celebrate Memorial Day (May 28 this year—make a note, if you haven’t already), is to remember someone who lost a soldier. Offer that person flowers in memory of their fallen loved one and in acknowledgement of their sacrifice to country. Conklyn’s Flowers is happy to guide you in your selection of flowers or plants for this occasion, which doesn’t necessarily call for the red, white and blue scheme we see on other patriotic holidays, but doesn’t require a traditional sympathy arrangement either.

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Modern Flowers For A Modern Mom

Among the many flower purchases you may make in your life, Mother’s Day stands out. These are flowers intended for someone who is critically important in your life—and may have even brought you into this one. The moms we honor (and remember) on May 13th have an extraordinary impact on the lives of many. They deserve our attention, our time and our thanks. They also deserve a little something for themselves, whether that’s to relax or to spend every second with family and friends. The flowers you choose for them should reflect what you hope for them this year. Conklyn’s Flowers is here to help.

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Celebrate A Graduate, Give Flowers

Conklyn’s Flowers sees the beginnings of summer just ahead and with it the arrival of end of school year celebrations, a spirited time where the efforts of our high school seniors will be celebrated through graduations, dances, awards ceremonies and other events. One of the best ways to show your favorite graduates you care is through a beautiful arrangement of flowers. This may be one of the most memorable (and also one of the first) bouquets they receive in their lives.

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Grace Them With Green This Nurses And Teachers Week

There are a lot of names for it—National Nurses Week, National Teachers Week, Nurse Appreciation, Teacher Appreciation—but no matter what you call it, this May 6 through 12 is dedicated to honoring some of our most tireless people. These are two fields dominated by women, or as we here at Conklyn’s Flowers like to think of them, “super ladies.” These women educate, inspire, nurture and otherwise empower the rest of us, taking care of our minds and bodies. They deserve something special this week, not to mention all year long.

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