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Posted by conklyns on July 24, 2015 Birthday

The Best Summer Birthday Flowers

summer birthdayIt seems that people are most active during the summer. That makes sense because the weather is arguably the best of the year then. Not surprisingly, it is easy to forget someone’s birthday during the summer because you are too active, preoccupied, or busy doing something to remember it. People feel hurt when others forget their birthdays – even when it’s not done deliberately. As adults, we probably wouldn’t dare let anyone know that we feel just as giddy and excited as we did as children, about getting birthday cards and presents. All our staff members here at Conklyn’s want to help you celebrate the summer birthdays of special people in your life with flowers.

In case you’re at a loss as to what flower arrangement is best suited to conveying your summer birthday wishes, we’ve come up with some ideas. Feel free to use these suggestions, or come in to talk to us about something different.

summer birthday

Rainbow Present

When you want to acknowledge a significant birthday, give someone our Rainbow Present arrangement. Any recipient will really enjoy this summery flower arrangement that looks and feels like a birthday present. We use orange and yellow roses, yellow daylilies, purple asters, and green pompom mums. Our vase is a colorful striped cube that we line with turquoise and green tissue paper. The entire bouquet comes together with matching blue and green curling ribbon. It’s a delightfully whimsical flower arrangement that is sure to show someone how important his or her birthday is for you.

summer birthday

Brilliant Birthday Blooms

If you want to convey birthday greetings in a grand, over-the-top kind of way, give someone our Brilliant Birthday Blooms arrangement. This bold-colored bouquet consists of orange roses, red carnations, yellow daisies, and accents of purple and green. We put the flowers in a memorable keepsake ceramic vase that’s painted with colorful birthday candles in different patterns. We dress this arrangement up with orange, red, and purple curling ribbon. Any man or woman will appreciate your thoughtfulness with this special birthday flower arrangement.

Our Birthday Balloon Bouquet is a fantastic way to celebrate a summer birthday. We fill a clear glass vase with colorful Alstroemeria, carnations, chrysanthemums, and lilies. We dress it up by attaching a foil birthday balloon.


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