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Posted by conklyns on May 21, 2018 Uncategorized

Sneak Peek At Summer’s Blossoms

Who doesn’t love a good sneak peek?

We here at Conklyn’s Flowers aren’t about to turn down the chance to look ahead to summer’s flowers, or to show you what’s coming, either. Spring and summer share many blooms in common, but there’s nothing quite like the hottest season to give us some of the freshest, hardiest, brightest bloomers all year. Sunflowers, roses, daisy, dahlia, marigold and a whole variety of lilies. It’s a veritable showcase of the year’s most glorious flowers.

We see the warmer seasons embodied in something like Garden Girl, which features several of the flowers above. This is a good transition piece between spring and summer because it includes the soft pastel hues of the former while introducing the assertive tones of the latter, and yet keeps plenty of fresh green at the fore. There’s something lush and abundant about a design like this, which is exactly how we picture our flower beds come June.

It’s hard not to love the flowers that flourish in summer, or to highly anticipate them even as we enjoy spring’s romantic blossoms. For now, find yourself an arrangement that celebrates both.