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The Perfect Spring Flower Pairing

By conklyns on March 18, 2019 in Flowers, Spring. 0 Comments

Now that spring has arrived, we are excited to share beautiful spring colors as we celebrate warmer weather and the hopefulness that comes with new beginnings. Spring is a season for fresh starts, so why not celebrate with a beautiful bouquet of fresh spring flowers? Tulips, roses, daisies and daffodils all brighten any room. The floral designers at Conklyn's Florist have created some beautiful new designs for our spring collection. Take a look at some of our favorite new spring bouquets. Read More about The Perfect Spring Flower Pairing

Encourage Change on International Women’s Day

By conklyns on March 4, 2019 in Flowers. 0 Comments

We are excited to celebrate International Women’s Day this month on March 8! This is a day in which women worldwide celebrate the strides they have made toward gender parity and support one another in the efforts to change our world for the better. International Women's Day is not specific to any particular organization or nationality. Rather, it has become a global movement over the past 100 years to bring positive change to our lives. The floral designers at Conklyn's Florist would love to help you design a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for the foward-thinking women in your life. Encourage change on International Women's Day by supporting the women who work so hard for this year's theme: Balance for Better. Read More about Encourage Change on International Women’s Day

New Floral Trends To Engage You

By conklyns on February 15, 2019 in Flowers. 0 Comments

The 2019 Floral Trend Forecast has been announced and you will be stunned by how gorgeous some of the new looks will be. The artisans at Conklyn's Florist are so excited about introducing these new floral trends to engage you and your sense of style.  Be prepared to see dark, bold colors like deep green, plum, brown, gray and amber yellow, as well as plenty of natural organic texture like anemones, vines, pods, thistle, and berries from one of our favorite designs, Forest Walk. This look draws inspiration from elements found in the forest and blends them with current trends for mesmerizing patterns that are both fresh and familiar. Read More about New Floral Trends To Engage You

Send Affection on Valentine’s Day

By conklyns on February 4, 2019 in Flowers, Gifts, Holidays, Valentine's Day. 0 Comments

At Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to send beautiful flowers or gifts, not just to your sweetheart but to all of the people you love in your life. Your sister, for example, has been there through thick and thin, keeps all of your secrets and probably knows more about you than anyone else. Make sure she stays happy this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that are just right for her. The floral designers at Conklyn's Florist are creating some beautiful gift bag baskets and floral designs for special sisters at Valentine’s Day this year. Read More about Send Affection on Valentine’s Day

Passionate Valentine’s Day Flowers

By conklyns on January 21, 2019 in Flowers, Gifts, Holidays, Valentine's Day. 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means it's time to start preparing for all the romantic gestures that will show your sweetheart how much you love them- teddy bears, jewelry, boxes of chocolates and, of course, flowers make a big splash on the scene this year. Show her how much she means to you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Conklyn's Florist. Our floral designers have been working hard on some gorgeous pieces that will show off your creative spirit and the unique ways you love to love her. Read More about Passionate Valentine’s Day Flowers

Fill Your Life With Living Coral

By conklyns on January 7, 2019 in Flowers, Gifts. 0 Comments

This year, the hottest new color you'll be seeing everywhere is Living Coral, an animated and life-affirming coral hue with golden undertones that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. This warm, invigorating shade will be everywhere, from runways to living rooms, in 2019. Surrounding yourself with this vibrant, nourishing shade can bring an optimism and joy in pursuing your dreams. The floral experts at Conklyn's Florist believe one of the best and easiest ways to incorporate more Living Coral into your world this year is simply with flowers! Read More about Fill Your Life With Living Coral

Happy New You With Flowers & Plants

By conklyns on December 26, 2018 in Flowers, Holidays. 0 Comments

As the New Year approaches, we begin to think about how we can improve our lives, seeking out healthier practices to make us happier. The floral experts at Conklyn's Florist ask you to consider flowers as a healthy new addition to your new year. Here's why: Flowers reduce stress. Gazing at the color green has been a proven stress-reliever. So, placing a beautiful floral bouquet full of lush greens near you as you work could truly create a more peaceful, serene environment. Flowers freshen the air. Plants and flowers are natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins that can cause headaches, colds, and congestion. Include flowers in your environment and breathe easier than ever. Flowers bring creativity. Studies show that being near your favorite colors is a simple way to improve creative thought. Surround yourself with flowers of every hue to find yourself expanding your mind and thinking outside the box. Read More about Happy New You With Flowers & Plants

An Essential Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

By conklyns on November 5, 2018 in Flowers, Thanksgiving. 0 Comments

Who says Thanksgiving needs to follow a particular tradition or pattern to be a true holiday? This year, find ways to celebrate Thanksgiving so that it is truly a day of thankfulness for you and your family. Complete craft projects, travel, visit a museum or just read a book. Spend time together or alone. Create a meal that you love- even if it's not a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Talk to the design experts at Conklyn's Florist about our fabulous collection of Thanksgiving centerpieces to make your table uniquely yours. Read More about An Essential Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Craft A Seasonal Tablescape

By conklyns on October 28, 2018 in Fall, Flowers. 0 Comments

Autumn is upon us and that means there are plenty of opportunities for seasonal entertaining. This year, the designers at Conklyn’s Flowers have put together some great tips and beautiful centerpieces to help your fall tablescape look its best. Create a modern cornucopia by filling a wide, wooden or metal container with hardy fall fruits and vegetables, gourds, and leafy accents. Artichokes, apples, pears, and kale are among the pieces that will give your table a rustic look. Create a unique twist on candlelight centerpieces when you carve mini-pumpkins into votives and float in a shallow container of water. Use blanched pumpkins and a clear glass container for a more elegant look. Something as simple as green apples in a wicker basket atop an all-white or cream table will stand out and symbolize the freshness of the harvest season beautifully. Read More about Craft A Seasonal Tablescape

Autumn’s Gorgeous Textures In Floral Form

By conklyns on October 22, 2018 in Fall, Flowers. 0 Comments

This fall, as you begin to decorate with all the allures of autumn, consider including some more unique elements in your decor to accentuate your classic style and bold personality. Let these tips inspire your own creativity: Add harvest textures using tree branches, crisp fall leaves, apples, cinnamon and pine cones as accents to your fall decor. Blend harvest hues with monochromatic color schemes (think mostly cream-white with a pop of goldenrod or rust orange) for a dazzling effect. Find unique uses for your fall elements, like carving miniature pumpkins into votives for scented candles around your home or on your front porch steps. The floral experts at Conklyn’s Flowers are ready to introduce our autumn collection full of bright hues and rich textures, all compliments of the season. Read More about Autumn’s Gorgeous Textures In Floral Form